Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Little Family Time

I realize that I usually post about DIY stuff but I thought today I would switch it up and show a little about the family.  A few weeks ago we were lucky enough to stay at a friend's beach house for a few days.  And, wow, it was awesome!!  At times, we had up to 7 adults and 3 kids and it was not even close to crowded.  With like 4 floors and what seemed like endless bedrooms and bathrooms, we were all able to have our own space!  

This was the first photo of the trip...I gave the boys a cup with some M&M's to keep them occupied while we unloaded the car.  It worked pretty well!

Since we didn't go to the beach or pool the first day, the older boys enjoyed "swimming" in the whirlpool tub!  They literally stayed in there forever!!

Fresh corn-on-the-cob for was a hit with Brady ;)

The next day, we did go swimming and the boys were soooo worn out they would not even eat....slept right through until bedtime!

They had a blast at the pool when their dad's arrived!

This is Colby pretending to be a shark!  Cracked us up!!  Not sure where he learned that at!!

The next day we finally made it to the beach.  Brady didn't like it so much (just like the last time we tried it with him).  But Colby and Nicholas loved it!

Our last morning there, we took the kids to the aquarium where they had a great time and even got to see the divers in the tank!!

Colby is trying to "shoot" the poor thing, lol!!!

We had such a great time and can't wait for next year!!!

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