Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Not So Pretty Planter

I am definitely a sucker for clearance racks.  Sometimes it bites me in the butt, and sometimes I find really great deals!  Like, my latest trip to one of my favorite stores...Target!!  I was so excited to stumble upon a huge aisle of summer clearance last week.  I purchased a large serving tray, a really nice cloth table cloth, napkins and the cutest picnic blanket...all for about $10.  On the same trip I also found this cute, but not so cute, planter.  But, I did see some potential.  And, since it had been marked down from almost $8 to less than $3, I figured I could at least attempt to make something out of it. 

Here it is before...

And After a little paint.....

Cost: About $3


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cheap Plate Decor? Yes, Please!!

I love using pretty plates in decor.  There are so many out there and you can really find great ones at thrift stores and goodwill and places like that.  But, sometimes it is hard to find just the right colors or styles.  Or, maybe you want to do something personal on one...like pictures, or a pretty poem...and so on, and so on. Well, this is a technique that has been around for quite a while.  But, it is so easy to do that I just had to try it when I ran across some precious fabric earlier this week. You can also use tissue paper, regular paper, pictures...really the sky is the limit with this one.  

You will need 
1. Clear Glass Plate(s)
2. Mod Podge
3. Paint Brush
4. News Paper (or something to protect the surface you are working on)
5. Coffee can (or something like it to allow plates to dry on)
6. Razor Blade/Scissors 
7. And of course whatever you choose to use...fabric, paper, etc.

First: Wash and dry plate

Second:  Cut out fabric leaving about an inch around to be sure there is enough to cover the rim of the plate

 Third: Paint Mod Podge on front of fabric, coating well

Fourth: Turn plate upside down and lay fabric on back of plate.  Turn over and be sure it is placed where you want it then smooth over back of plate being sure to get out any bubbles.


Fifth:  Lay upside down on top of something with a large rim and let dry at least 2 hours (overnight if possible).

 Sixth: After drying, use razor blade or scissors to carefully cut excess around the edge.

Remember, you can wipe off the top of the plate but do not submerge in water. If any of the Mod Podge gets on the front, just scrape off with your finger nail or something that will not scratch the plate.   Display however you wish!!

I have other ideas for this technique....I want to do my boy's silhouettes and display them this way.  Also, thought it would be fun to make holiday plates this way!  Just have fun with it and it will be awesome!!                                                                                      

Bouteille de Détergent à Vaisselle...Dish Detergent Bottle ;)

This blog isn't going to wow you or anything...but it is just a good idea for something you may have around your house already.  I have always kept my dish detergent under my sink or in just a regular glass bottle with a cork (bought from the dollar store).  It was better than on my sink in the plastic bottle at least.  But, I had this Eifell Tower bottle for about 5 years or so as decor in my kitchen and was getting tired of it just as it was...but then I thought maybe I could actually use it somehow instead of it just taking up space (which is limited these days).  

So...here it is before

I emptied it (it was filled with dried fruit and some kind of serum...kinda gross coming out)...

Now, It serves a purpose and is pretty!

Cost = $0!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"That's For the Birds"

Again, if you haven't noticed, I am cheap thrifty.  I wanted a hummingbird feeder for my back patio but had not purchased one yet.  I mentioned it to my mom-in-law (who happens to have just about everything you may need either in her attic or her garage) and she said she had an old one in the garage :) that I could have.  Only problem was it was a little faded and, well, dull...sorry Mrs. Terri!  So, what was I to do??  Certainly, I would make this one work and not buy a new one.  So, here it is...


(Yes, that is a little fried chicken and potatoes in the background :)


Cost = $0!!!!


Finally...Drawers!!! The Dresser Re-Do

When we moved, all of our master bedroom furniture was too large for the new place so it had to go.  Thankfully, the people who purchased our home decided to purchase the whole set!  Jackpot!!  We didn't even have to deal with trying to sale it or move it!!  Then came the challenge to replace it....without spending much anything. It did not take us long to grow tired of living out of boxes in our closets and all around our floor.  But,  I certainly didn't want to have to buy a new bedroom suit for a temporary place.  As we were moving in, someone (I think my sister-in-law) gave me the idea of using this solid white chest-of-drawers that I had stuck in my son's closet for extra storage.  It was actually my mom's, who had used it with us as babies.  So, after making sure it was okay with her for me to paint it, I tried to decide what I was going to do with it.  I remembered seeing a dresser on a blog that had used a stencil to add a design to the front.  Luckily, I had bought a pretty stencil for a project that never happened before we sold the old house.  So, with my friend Tina's help, we got to work!  It was a very simple process.  Unfortunately, I did not take before pics but just remember that it was solid white with white knobs.  




Pretty much, we lightly sanded with the sanding block just to smooth out some of the old paint.  Next, we wiped down with a clean cloth.  Then, we painted all over with black glossy interior/exterior paint...2 coats.  Once that dried, we used the nifty Stencil Spray Adhesive to make the stencil stick to the dresser without pulling off the paint.  You can move it around and it will still stick...love it!!  We used my white craft acrylic paint and a stencil brush to paint on the stencil.  Last, we spray painted the knobs metallic and then sprayed them with a coat of lacquer spray just to shine them up a bit. 
Total cost for paint, sanding block and spray adhesive (I had all of the other supplies on hand!)= $16.00


Yayyyy!!!  We have drawers!!! 
Well, at least I do....still working on something for hubby's things ;)


New Lamps!!...but Not Really

So, as I said before, we are renting our home and it is pretty bland.  I am also trying to save money and use as much from our old house rather than buying new stuff.  At our old place, our master bedroom was a very pretty peacock blue color with black and white accents.  I loved my lamps with it.  But, when we moved and our walls were not as colorful blahhhh, the lamps just didn't have enough zeal for me.  So, with a hot glue gun in one hand and a roll of red ribbon in the other (to coordinate with the new black/red/white queen comforter set that was a needed purchase since our old bed was a king and wouldn't fit into our new bedroom), I jazzed them up a bit.  When I am further along in the bedroom process, I will share the entire room.  But for now, here are my "new" lamps!  Cost = $2.50!!



Saturday, July 16, 2011


Hey Everyone!  So, I am kinda new to the blogging world!  But, I am now totally addicted to many of the DIY house blogs and love getting tons of great ideas from them.  My husband and I recently sold our home.  We are striving to become debt free.  So, with that goal in mind plus my love for decorating, I must be very creative to make our bland rental home into something we want to come home to...at least for a few years!  Unfortunately, my favorite way to warm up a space is with paint but as you know that is a big NO NO when you are renting (and my husband is smiling about that!)  Because we have owned a home since we married almost 7 years ago, this is a new challenge for me.  Thankfully, our new place is very neutral but at the same time very boring (I love color on the walls).  So, hopefully I will be able to incorporate some great "finds" along the way to bring this place to life!!  Hope you enjoy the process with me!  It may take some time and sweat, but I feel certain that I can get it there (hopefully before it is time to move again)!