Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Vanity Re-Do

 I was so excited when I found this beautiful vanity on Craigslist.  I just couldn't wait to get started.  It has such beautiful lines and great storage.  Although it wasn't ugly as it was, it could definitely be better.  

This is it before...

So, I started with just a little repairing...I had to fix one of the drawers with a little liquid nails.  Nothing difficult at all!

I put a can of paint on top to hold it tight as it dried.  

Then, I primed it with Kilz.

I then painted the vanity with a green color that I had on hand, wiping it off as I painted it on.  After that coat dried, I did the same with a pretty blue color...making sure to do a thin coat so that the green could come through.  I went back in places to highlight with a cream color.  This is a very easy and forgiving technique!!

Then, for the knobs...I loved the ones on it but I was not feeling the tarnished brass color...

So, I sprayed them with a primer then a very light blue spray paint.  I went back with the cream paint I used on the vanity and toned down the blue on the knobs with it. Sorry, I forgot to take pictures of that step! 

I added a mirror to the inside and put a simple lace ribbon around it to soften the edges.

My oldest, Colby, who was a cowboy that day, decided to "help" me with the ribbon....isn't he precious :)

I taped the ribbon as I glued it to give it time to dry well.  

I was given this awesome old chair from a family member who didn't want it and it fit the vanity perfectly!!! 

So, after sanding it with a fine sanding block (just enough to get the loose pieces off-I wanted it to look worn), I primed it with Kilz and then used the same painting technique on it as I did with the vanity.

I then covered the cushion with some fabric I had already and even had enough to hem a piece to lay inside the vanity top to add a little extra to it! 

I really love the way it all turned out!!

It is my favorite re-do ever!!  Too bad I have absolutely no room for it so I hope I can find it a good home ;)


  1. Do you still have the vanity avail? I need one!

  2. I just sold it a couple of weeks ago! Sorry!!