Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bouteille de Détergent à Vaisselle...Dish Detergent Bottle ;)

This blog isn't going to wow you or anything...but it is just a good idea for something you may have around your house already.  I have always kept my dish detergent under my sink or in just a regular glass bottle with a cork (bought from the dollar store).  It was better than on my sink in the plastic bottle at least.  But, I had this Eifell Tower bottle for about 5 years or so as decor in my kitchen and was getting tired of it just as it was...but then I thought maybe I could actually use it somehow instead of it just taking up space (which is limited these days). it is before

I emptied it (it was filled with dried fruit and some kind of serum...kinda gross coming out)...

Now, It serves a purpose and is pretty!

Cost = $0!!


  1. I do that with a Patron bottle! People think I'm crazy but it's a great idea! Keeps the ugly plastic soap bottle off your counter.

  2. Great idea! I can't stand to have it on my sink or to have to reach under my sink 20x a day to get it out!