Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Lamps!!...but Not Really

So, as I said before, we are renting our home and it is pretty bland.  I am also trying to save money and use as much from our old house rather than buying new stuff.  At our old place, our master bedroom was a very pretty peacock blue color with black and white accents.  I loved my lamps with it.  But, when we moved and our walls were not as colorful blahhhh, the lamps just didn't have enough zeal for me.  So, with a hot glue gun in one hand and a roll of red ribbon in the other (to coordinate with the new black/red/white queen comforter set that was a needed purchase since our old bed was a king and wouldn't fit into our new bedroom), I jazzed them up a bit.  When I am further along in the bedroom process, I will share the entire room.  But for now, here are my "new" lamps!  Cost = $2.50!!



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