Saturday, July 16, 2011


Hey Everyone!  So, I am kinda new to the blogging world!  But, I am now totally addicted to many of the DIY house blogs and love getting tons of great ideas from them.  My husband and I recently sold our home.  We are striving to become debt free.  So, with that goal in mind plus my love for decorating, I must be very creative to make our bland rental home into something we want to come home least for a few years!  Unfortunately, my favorite way to warm up a space is with paint but as you know that is a big NO NO when you are renting (and my husband is smiling about that!)  Because we have owned a home since we married almost 7 years ago, this is a new challenge for me.  Thankfully, our new place is very neutral but at the same time very boring (I love color on the walls).  So, hopefully I will be able to incorporate some great "finds" along the way to bring this place to life!!  Hope you enjoy the process with me!  It may take some time and sweat, but I feel certain that I can get it there (hopefully before it is time to move again)! 

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